UK over 50s spend in excess of £1.5 Billion a year on fitness

The UK’s over 50s have a ‘fit and healthy’ price tag of £130 million2 per month 13.2 million over 50s (58%) are more conscious than ever about their health and fitness, and 8.9 million exercise more now than when they were younger.Walking and swimming are the top pursuits in the pursuit of physical prime

The UK’s over 50s are enjoying ‘getting physical’, according to original insight from insurance provider RIAS. Just over half (54%) of today’s over 50s exercise at least once a week and collectively spend £130 million each month on keeping fit, totaling over £1.5 billion annually to fight their ‘excess’.

The fifties fitness fanatics

With the likes of Generation X’s Liz Hurley, J. K. Rowling and Carl Fogarty turning 50 this year, reaching this milestone seems to kick start the nation’s over 50s’ fitness habits. Over 13 million (58%) say they’ve become more conscious with their health and fitness since hitting the big 5-0. Women in their 50s and beyond in particular say they feel more conscious about their health now than when they were younger, (62% of women compared with 53% of men). As a result of this renewed focus on keeping in shape, four out of ten 39% over 50s fitness fanatics now exercising more often than when they were younger, with half (51%) saying they specifically have more time now to keep fit than before turning 50.

Work hard, play hard

Over 50s work out for around 40 minutes per session, with one third (32%) exercising for longer periods of time now than when they were younger. Their main reason for 18 million UK over 50s to exercise is to ‘keep healthy’ (81% vs. 74% of under 50s) and 8 million admit to being overweight (35% of over 50s vs. 27% of under 50s). The most popular way of keeping active is walking, with three quarters (74%) of over 50s setting out regularly compared with. 58% of under 50s. Other popular activities include swimming (17%), cycling (13%) and stretching (13%).

Top five reasons to work out:
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