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Experts reveal a go-to guide for grandparents of exactly what to buy this Christmas

By Astrid Hall It’s a question which always leaves grandparents scratching their heads at Christmas - “What do we buy the grandkids?” Every Yule Tide, nans and grandads up and down the country agonise over what to buy their grandkids to ensure December 25th doesn’t end in disappointment. Now experts have revealed a go-to guide for grandparents of exactly what to buy - compiled by the youngest members of the family. The list features everything from Play-Doh to a PS4,...Read more

Joanna Lumley Joins Stars to Encourage Companies to Hire Veterans

2017-10-27 16:06:45

Joanna Lumley, Ray Winstone and Richard Wilson are among celebs who will appear in a series of short films which aimed at getting more military veterans into 'civvy street'. Downtown Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville, DIY SOS star Nick Knowles and ex-EastEnders Larry Lamb and Michelle Collins also highlight the skills, attitude and knowledge ex-soldiers, sailors and airmen can bring to employers. Entitled, ‘Veterans Work’, the films, by The Drive Project, were produced to encourage UK businesses to consider veterans as viable...Read more

Woolworths tops a list of things over 50s would most like to see make a ‘comeback’

Defunct high-street store Woolworths has topped a list of things Brits would most love to make a ‘comeback’, according to research. The shop where you could once buy anything from gardening goods to kids clothes beat arctic rolls and penny sweet shops to claim top spot. Popular pastimes to make the top ten included BBC children’s TV show, Watch with Mother, Baby Sham and Corona Man, the old truck which used to collect empty fizzy pop bottles. Jackie Magazine also...Read more

Brits are not offically “over the hill” until the age of 83

2017-10-20 11:57:23

Brits are not officially “over the hill” until the ripe old age of 83, a new poll revealed yesterday. Researchers surveyed adults in their 50s, 60s and 70s - and discovered that most pensioners are living life to the full, with the majority not feeling you are truly "old" until after your 83rd birthday. In fact, nearly a quarter of those polled said they still feel in their prime because they regularly attract attention from the opposite sex, while one...Read more

Toys from your childhood on Royal Mail stamps

2017-08-30 13:21:36

Royal Mail revealed a new stamp issue featuring some of the most iconic and much-loved British toys from the last 100 years. Evoking feelings of nostalgia across generations, the toys featured are: the Merrythought Bear; Sindy Doll; Spirograph; Stickle Bricks; W.Britan Toy Figures; Space Hopper; Fuzzy Felt; Meccano; Action Man and Hornby Dublo trains. In the 19th century, the growing middle class of the Victorian era was fuelling an expansion in toy-making and major names in British manufacturing started to...Read more

Online class: Painting With Watercolors

Online class: Painting With Watercolors Everything you need to start painting with watercolors. WHAT YOU GET 14 Streaming HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access Downloadable class resources, including a printable supply list and reference images 5+ hours of close-up instruction Answers to student questions from instructor Kateri Ewing CLASS OVERVIEW Colour your world with watercolors! Join expert Kateri Ewing in this comprehensive beginner’s class as she helps you navigate all the basics. You’ll explore a range of tools and...Read more

Monopoly’s big vote -eight classic game pieces battle for survival!

2017-03-21 14:37:49

Perhaps the top hat is a little out of date?, but times are changing down at Hasbro, the parent company behind the perennially popular board game Monopoly. Now that Monopoly has reached the grand age of 82, besides the astronomical inflation in property prices apparently the pieces themselves require a revamp? So the idea pops-up; an online vote to determine which pieces stay and which go! A quick recap (to save you digging the Monopoly board out of the cupboard)...Read more