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Experts reveal a go-to guide for grandparents of exactly what to buy this Christmas

By Astrid Hall It’s a question which always leaves grandparents scratching their heads at Christmas - “What do we buy the grandkids?” Every Yule Tide, nans and grandads up and down the country agonise over what to buy their grandkids to ensure December 25th doesn’t end in disappointment. Now experts have revealed a go-to guide for grandparents of exactly what to buy - compiled by the youngest members of the family. The list features everything from Play-Doh to a PS4,...Read more

Toys from your childhood on Royal Mail stamps

2017-08-30 13:21:36

Royal Mail revealed a new stamp issue featuring some of the most iconic and much-loved British toys from the last 100 years. Evoking feelings of nostalgia across generations, the toys featured are: the Merrythought Bear; Sindy Doll; Spirograph; Stickle Bricks; W.Britan Toy Figures; Space Hopper; Fuzzy Felt; Meccano; Action Man and Hornby Dublo trains. In the 19th century, the growing middle class of the Victorian era was fuelling an expansion in toy-making and major names in British manufacturing started to...Read more


2016-05-20 19:38:30

We can thank legendary French crooner Sacha Distel for the schoolyard favourite of the 1950s ‘Scoubidou’, the art of knotting plastic strips together to form colourful bracelets. Distel's hit song Scoubidou coined the name originally adapted from the US song  ‘Apples, Peaches and Cherries’. Scoubidou also know by other names including boondoggle ,gimp, lanyard, scoubi, scoobie, and rex-lace originated in France in the 1950s and became quite the fad in 60s Britain. The art is enjoying a renaissance however many of...Read more