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Christmas markets closer to home

2017-11-13 22:08:25

Here at Boomers HQ we love this time of year, as the nights draw in and our minds turn to the Christmas festivities we thought we’d look at some of the best Christmas market’s-close to home. So in no particular order, here are our choices for Christmas 2017. Bath This year’s Bath Christmas Market is set to be the biggest and best yet, spreading festive magic across the picturesque UNESCO World Heritage City, over 200 decorated wooden chalets brimming with...Read more

33 things the over 60s DO NOT miss about being younger

2017-09-07 11:03:22

Ferrying the kids around, having a boss who breathes down your neck – and the daily stress of running a family home, have emerged among a list of things the older generation DO NOT miss about being younger, according to a new study. Worrying about your weight, being woken up by the sound of an alarm clock, and the constant juggle of work and childcare also emerged as aspects of life the nation’s retirees are MORE than happy to have...Read more

This Is What The Average British Fifty-Something Looks Like

2017-07-23 13:47:21

The average fifty-something prefers Queen over The Rolling Stones, Grease over Ghostbusters and loves a repeat of Only Fools and Horses, according to new research. The Nationwide Financial Planning study of 2,000 adults aged 50 to 59 shows the average has been in a relationship for over 23 years, and earns just over £19,000 a year for working 21 hours a week.And despite being halfway to a hundred, the average person still has a number of things to tick off...Read more

Are over 50s Turning to Plastic Surgery to Extend Youth?

2017-06-30 11:30:20

Nearly a quarter of a million over 50s have undergone cosmetic surgery – it has emerged. "Some people still believe that turning 50 is something to worry about, that life slows down after that – but after conducting the UK’s biggest-ever study with 50,000 people over 50 we know that’s not the case at all: for many, life after 50 is the best time of their lives." Researchers who carried out a detailed study into how attitudes towards life and...Read more

Over 50s- How to make choosing genealogy sites less laborious

2017-01-23 12:12:35

With the advent of the internet and the abundance of opportunities it offers, it’s no wonder genealogy research is on the rise. TV programmes such as the BBCs Who Do You Think You Are? (Where celebrities trace their ancestry, discovering secrets and surprises from their past) have helped in spiking our interest in our own families and where we descend from. So where do you begin? If you type a search for genealogy into Google, it’ll generate millions of results!...Read more

Over 50s shun pubs and partners who aren’t dog lovers!

2016-09-01 09:59:24

Over 50s shun pubs and partners who aren't dog lovers! - 98% of Brits say partner must get along with their dog - Just under ¾ of UK dog lovers search for dog friendly pubs - A third of dog loving Brits struggle to find a dog friendly pub at all - Paul O’Grady, pips Kate Middleton to top spot as nations favourite dog-owning celebrity As a nation of dog lovers, our four-legged friends matter so much to us that...Read more

Over 50s change their car more often than they change their mattress

2016-08-22 10:45:12

Consumers change their car more often than they change their mattress and bedding according to latest data produced by automotive experts, cap hpi. In recent years, the length of time motorists own a car has plummeted, creating a world where consumers are likely to change their car more often than they change their mobile phone or their bedding. Experts advise that mattresses should be changed every seven or eight years to ensure a good and healthy night’s sleep although in...Read more

The 10 mistakes over 50s make when travelling

The 10 mistakes over 50s make when travelling As we enjoy, hopefully, more free time and perhaps a little more financial flexibility many over 50s are becoming seasoned travellers. As we travel more-and-more there are still many pitfalls , ignore them at your peril. A good friend of The-Boomers explained to me how she devised a simple checklist to avoid potential slip-ups (as with many of us, me included her new found efficiency is borne out of previous mistakes). Here...Read more

A ‘Brexit’ would not affect the Interrail Pass for senior rail travel in Europe

2016-06-01 18:49:15

A 'Brexit' would not affect the Interrail Pass for senior rail travel in Europe A statement released on the Interrail website cites: 'If you're a UK citizen, you can travel with an Interrail Pass. This will not change if the UK decides to leave the EU in the upcoming referendum'. With the latest polls on a knife-edge, perhaps teetering towards a 'Brexit' its reassuring to see our rail travel looks immune to a decision either way.New rail pass products designed...Read more