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The Goodwill Partnership and Multiple Sclerosis Society partner to offer Will-writing services

The Goodwill Partnership and Multiple Sclerosis Society partner to offer Will-writing services The Goodwill Partnership ( ), the UK’s leading Will-writing service for charities’ donors, has partnered with the Multiple Sclerosis Society ( The MS Society is the UK’s leading MS charity, providing invaluable information, support and research funding as well as fighting for change. Founded in 1953, the organisation has over 35,000 members as well as 5,500 volunteers and 265 staff members whose stated aim is ‘to beat MS’....Read more

Back to the Future-Wed Oct 21st 2015

Wed Oct 21st 2015, next week-rings a bell? Film buffs the world over will be celebrating this famous date next week because Wed Oct 21st 2015 is the time and date in the ‘Future’ set by Dr, Emett ‘Doc’ Brown for Marty McFly to travel forward in time to prevent McFly's future son from ending up imprisoned. Universal classic series starred Michael J Fox as Marty and Christopher Lloyd as the Doc. This is a classic! Watch it again and...Read more

Over-50s making up a third of the UKs workforce

The over-50s make up one third of UK workforce Despite the documented difficulties of finding employment after the age of 50, the statistics from the ONS indicate the over 50s section of the workforce still at work has hit record numbers. Pensions Minister Baroness Altman said: “A social revolution is underway as increasing numbers of over-50s realise they are not ‘old’ and want to keep on working. Almost a third of adults employed during Q1 and Q2 2015 were aged...Read more

The Oscars for box sets!

2015-09-21 19:28:18

If television (or should we say box sets) is the new cinema perhaps the Emmys are the new Oscars? Last night in LA the stars of American TV gathered for the annual Emmy Awards Ceremony, after the obligatory red carpet entrance the show began with Game of Thrones sweeping the board with a record breaking 12 wins! For the TV buffs amongst us (me included) here’s the list of winners-probably coming to HBO/Netflix soon! Emmys 2015: the full list of...Read more

Biscuits-not flowers!

Biscuits-not flowers The day after the dinner party, bit hung-over did everyone enjoy themselves?, crickey! did I really tell ‘that story’! then the bell rings-flowers a thank you note –all is well! Nothing amiss with this scenario I hear you say, well I beg to differ, I’ve stumbled across the most ingenious of websites offers beautiful biccies in place of the more traditional thank you methods. A company called Biscuiteers ( have dreamt up and then baked batches of biscuits...Read more

The ‘Big Knit’ returns

2015-09-09 12:11:19

We’ve read there’s a resurgence of knitting, whether you’re a new knitter or old hand here’s the perfect excuse to look out the needles and thread Age UK’s wonderful campaign ‘The Big Knit’ What's it all about? The Big Knit is a joint campaign between Age UK and innocent drinks to help vulnerable older people. You knit the hats, innocent drinks wear them and 25p of every drink sold will go to Age UK. Every bottle sold will generate a...Read more

The UK ranks at 10 in the The third annual Global Age Watch Index published by Age UK

The UK ranks at 10 in the The third annual Global Age Watch Index published by Age UK. No real surprises in the top ranking country-Switzerland and Afghanistan remains the lowest ranking (96th out of 96). Britain performs well in some sub categories including personal safety and easy access to public transport however does not fare so well with healthcare. According to Age UK ‘The UK has seen the most progression in the ‘capability’ domain for education status and employment...Read more

Queen Elizabeth 11 the longest reigning British monarch

Queen Elizabeth 11 the longest reigning British monarch February 6th 1952 ‘till the present day. Queen Elizabeth 11 is our longest serving monarch, surpassing the reign of Queen Victoria (63 years, 7 moths and two days). The shortest reign in history is Lady Jane Grey-9 days! The Queen has witnessed some amazing changes during her reign including the 1st man on the moon, the fall of the Berlin Wall, 12 British prime ministers and a World Cup victory. When the...Read more

B&B -or BnB the new ‘bed & breakfast’ choices

2015-09-02 14:57:21

Bed & Breakfast choices for the internet age Gone are the days when we’d settle for a craggy old B&B with dingy fabrics and dark rooms, (though I remember visiting some fabulous B&Bs in the 70’s –Camber Sands springs to mind) nowadays thanks to the net we seem to be inundated with choice. The exciting prospect is we can expand the B&B choice not only to UK destinations but pretty much anywhere in the world, we explored a few of...Read more