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Experts reveal a go-to guide for grandparents of exactly what to buy this Christmas

By Astrid Hall It’s a question which always leaves grandparents scratching their heads at Christmas - “What do we buy the grandkids?” Every Yule Tide, nans and grandads up and down the country agonise over what to buy their grandkids to ensure December 25th doesn’t end in disappointment. Now experts have revealed a go-to guide for grandparents of exactly what to buy - compiled by the youngest members of the family. The list features everything from Play-Doh to a PS4,...Read more

Online class: Painting With Watercolors

Online class: Painting With Watercolors Everything you need to start painting with watercolors. WHAT YOU GET 14 Streaming HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access Downloadable class resources, including a printable supply list and reference images 5+ hours of close-up instruction Answers to student questions from instructor Kateri Ewing CLASS OVERVIEW Colour your world with watercolors! Join expert Kateri Ewing in this comprehensive beginner’s class as she helps you navigate all the basics. You’ll explore a range of tools and...Read more

Cosy time-winter blankets

2016-11-10 11:44:07

There's a definite chill in the air, as the nights draw in and Jack frost rears his freezy toes now is the time to invest in being cosy? We've teamed-up with those lovely people at Not on the High Street to bring you the 'toast' of the winter warmers! Classic Wool Blanket In Stewart Muted Blue Tartan by THE TARTAN BLANKET CO. £35 Coastal Stripe Wool Throw by ATLANTIC BLANKETS £75 Blue Woven Throw by DREAMWOOL BLANKET CO. £49.95 Three...Read more

Top 10 great gifts for Grandma, Nan, Granny…..

2016-09-13 11:57:20

Great gifts for Grandma, Nan, Granny......all under £25 10. Things We Love About Grandma Print £16 The typography print can be personalised by adding up to 6 reasons why you love your grandma (e.g. 'Makes pancakes for us on the weekend' or 'Always gives big hugs'). This option makes it a truly personal print. You can choose for the header title to read from 'WE' or 'I'. 9. Grandma Quote Coaster Gift £12.50 Printed with the following message: 'Only the...Read more

The over 50s want to know the top ten travel hacks

2016-07-30 16:55:03

Top 10 travel hacks from the experts Where better to gain insider knowledge on some terrific travel hacks than from those who fly for a living? British Airways' cabin and flight crew have shared their go-to gadgets to help customers get the low-down on their down-loads ahead of the holiday season. Naturally, the one travel-must-have that they all recommend is the British Airways app – available to download for free on multiple devices - it is the highest rated airline...Read more

Affordable Ruby Wedding gift ideas

2016-05-28 17:48:04

Affordable Ruby Wedding gift ideas Where you married in 1976, or do you have friends or family who married in that year? A great clue to a mid seventies wedding will be the fashions, it may be a 'feather cut' or 'Farah' hairstyle, platform shoes or the occasional rainbow tank top on view! The wedding disco would have a great soundtrack perhaps some of the hits from the year, the year of Bohemian Rhapsody. 01 Brotherhood Of Man Save Your...Read more

US elections The merchandise top 10

2016-02-15 11:21:31

These US elections seem to be a complicated business, what with Primary Elections and Caucuses-the system here in the UK feels somewhat less laborious? A Boomers friend from Chicago kindly explained the difference to us: Caucus A caucus is somewhat akin to a local meeting or town hall/village hall gathering (but on a bigger scale). The caucus is America’s oldest method of selecting it's delegates. Local meetings are held, registered members of the parties can adopt their favourites and then...Read more

Biscuits-not flowers!

Biscuits-not flowers The day after the dinner party, bit hung-over did everyone enjoy themselves?, crickey! did I really tell ‘that story’! then the bell rings-flowers a thank you note –all is well! Nothing amiss with this scenario I hear you say, well I beg to differ, I’ve stumbled across the most ingenious of websites offers beautiful biccies in place of the more traditional thank you methods. A company called Biscuiteers ( have dreamt up and then baked batches of biscuits...Read more