Category: Care funding

£4 million grants to boost volunteering among over 50s

2016-10-30 21:30:00

Office for Civil Society and Nesta announce 3 new grant funds to explore how more charities and public services can better tap into the skills and experience of volunteers over 50. With life expectancy in the UK increasing, a valuable opportunity has opened up for greater numbers of volunteers to share their skills and talents with others in later life - offering a rewarding experience for both sides. Today the Office for Civil Society and Nesta, the innovation foundation, have...Read more

Death rate soars to the highest rate for nearly 50 years

The death rate soars to the highest rate for nearly 50 years The ONS have published their latest (preliminary) mortality reports citing the annual death rate is the highest for 48 years with as total of 528,340 registered deaths a rise of 5.4% equating to nearly 27,000 on the previous year. The release of the data has led to experts warning of a crisis in care for the elderly. Though the reports over the years have been of dramatically falling...Read more