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TV chef Rosemary Shrager backs Cupcake Day

2017-06-14 15:39:39

TV chef Rosemary Shrager is uniting against dementia with Alzheimer’s Society by backing the charity’s Cupcake Day fundraising campaign this week. Cupcake Day, taking place on Thursday, June 15, is uniting the public against dementia by encouraging families, friends and colleagues to bake or buy cupcakes to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. The culinary whizz has not only spoken out in support for Cupcake Day, but has also shared her tips for making the perfect cupcake: Rosemary, who presented The...Read more

Bingo boosting brain capacity for over 50s

2016-05-20 17:37:51

Bingo boosting brain capacity for over 50s In light of Mental Health Awareness Week, did you know that bingo can actually help to boost your brain capacity? Research from the University of Southampton conducted in 2001 found that bingo is an effective way to slow and counter age-related decline in our thinking capacity. Experts believe the game has a positive impact on mental speed, the ability to scan information and memory. As well as being an awful lot of fun,...Read more

Death rate soars to the highest rate for nearly 50 years

The death rate soars to the highest rate for nearly 50 years The ONS have published their latest (preliminary) mortality reports citing the annual death rate is the highest for 48 years with as total of 528,340 registered deaths a rise of 5.4% equating to nearly 27,000 on the previous year. The release of the data has led to experts warning of a crisis in care for the elderly. Though the reports over the years have been of dramatically falling...Read more

Over 50s health & exercise

Over 50s health & exercise A recent report reveals the full extent exercise could have in preventing disease and treating many conditions. After two years analysing more than 200 separate pieces of research, the lead author, Scarlett McNally, a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, reveals the full impact that regular physical activity could have on the nation’s health. While savings to the NHS are incalculable, it is clear that many billions of pounds are being spent on treating diseases such as type...Read more

Brain training improves memory and performance of everyday tasks in people over 50

2015-11-17 18:47:03

Brain training improves memory and performance of everyday tasks in people over 50 New research funded by the Alzheimer’s Society is the largest trial to date of information involving an online brain training package, the previous tests (to a much smaller scale) though indicating potential for brain training remain inconclusive, the new trial involves almost 7000 over 50 year olds and will illustrate how brain training can impact on how well people perform daily activities. Researchers at the Institute of...Read more