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‘More people need to know type 2 diabetes is reversible’ argues report

2017-10-14 12:45:01

"Type 2 diabetes could be beaten into remission if patients shed around 15kg, [2.4 stones]," reports BBC News. In the past type 2 diabetes was thought to be a lifelong condition. There is increasing evidence that even if it can't be cured, it is possible to put the condition into remission through weight loss. A pressing problem is, as The Daily Telegraph reports, that "less than 1 in 1,000 people" achieve remission. Achieving weight loss through a combination of diet...Read more

How are you? modern life responsible for ‘worrying’ health in middle aged

How are you? modern life responsible for ‘worrying’ health in middle aged Statistics show eight out of 10 of over 50 year olds are either overweight, drink too much, or don’t exercise enough. The analysis just published by Public Health England (PHE) clearly illustrates why modern life taking its toll on our health. Modern life is seriously harming the health of the over 50s an alarming 77% of men and 63% of women in middle age are overweight or obese....Read more

People living with diabetes has almost quadrupled

2016-04-06 17:40:14

The number of people living with diabetes has almost quadrupled since 1980 to 422 million adults, with most living in developing countries. Factors driving this dramatic rise include overweight and obesity, WHO announced ahead of World Health Day. WHO is marking its annual World Health Day (7 April), which celebrates the Organization’s founding in 1948, by issuing a call for action on diabetes. In its first “Global report on diabetes”, WHO highlights the need to step up prevention and treatment...Read more

Over 50s health & exercise

Over 50s health & exercise A recent report reveals the full extent exercise could have in preventing disease and treating many conditions. After two years analysing more than 200 separate pieces of research, the lead author, Scarlett McNally, a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, reveals the full impact that regular physical activity could have on the nation’s health. While savings to the NHS are incalculable, it is clear that many billions of pounds are being spent on treating diseases such as type...Read more