Strictly Come Dancing’, minus scathing remarks from Craig!

Do you love the glitz and glammer of the BBC’s smash hit; ‘Strictly Come Dancing’?

With the staggering success of the format showing no sign of slowing down it’s now replicated in 43 countries around the globe under the name of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and in Germany with RTL’s ‘Let’s Dance’. Murcia is famous for its vast choice of sporting activities including, golf, sailing and cycling but for those of us wanting to improve our skills on the dance floor Spain is one of the best place to hone those twinkle toes!

So whether you want to be good enough to impress Darcy & Bruno (there’s no pleasing Craig!) dancing lessons in Spain are perhaps the perfect way to meet new friends and stay fit.

Five great reasons’s to dance: There’s evidence dancing is good for you. Not just from a physical standpoint but a mental one too. Participating in a dance class each week can have a positive and powerful impact on your life.

  1. Meet new friends, learn Spanish. Dancing is active, social and all about interaction and great communication, what better way to expand your vocabulary while on the move.
  2. Fitness, dancing is a great low impact aerobic exercise. A session dancing burns the calories and is as good or better than any workout and so much more fun? Muscle tone, flexibility and balance may all improved by dancing.
  3. Dancing is great for your brain? You’ve seen the physical effort required to master a new routine on ‘Strictly’ but imagine the brain power required to process the information, the moves the turns, leaps and remember those toes!
  4. Dancing ‘keeps you young’ dancing keeps everything working! And enhances the positive aspect of your life?
  5. Dancing is great for self confidence. Knowing your way around the dance floor improves confidence is more ways than just dancing ability. The boost in fitness, the social interaction and the feeling of achievement are all great confidence booster (that great posture doesn’t hurt either?)

For dance classes and lessons in and around Murcia, La Manga & Los Alcazares please follow these links:

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