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The UK’s reluctance to save for the future leaves families facing funding gap for funerals

2017-01-08 18:44:23

Sadly, we will all die one day. Yet very few people in the UK put any plans in place for their funeral, no matter how simple their wishes might be. A result of this reluctance to plan ahead for the inevitable, as Royal London’s Funeral Cost Index has revealed, is that an increasing number of people are having to borrow money to pay for a funeral, despite the fact that funeral firms are holding, and in some cases reducing, their...Read more

Cheap motorhome insurance quotes

We've teamed up with Quotezone to bring you your Motorhome Insurance Just click below: One short form to complete Compare top UK insurers Find a policy to suit your needs Click here for Campervan insurance Click here for Motorhome insurance Boomers photo of a stunning Bedford camper conversion taken at the 42nd Annual Gloucestershire Vintage and Country Extravaganza

AgeUK travel insurance-No upper age limit

Travel insurance you can rely on, so you can enjoy seeing the world The-Boomers have teamed up with AgeUK for your travel insurance needs, please click here to be taken to the AgeUK website for a quote Readers might also be interested in Airport Parking & Airport Lounge offers please click here

Seven out of ten over 50s say the roads are in a bad state

2016-01-18 21:30:36

Motorists’ misery with poorly maintained roads • Seven out of ten over 50s say the roads are in a bad state • Around eight out of ten think road maintenance has got worse A Saga Car Insurance poll of around 10,000 over 50s shows that motorists are finding that their journey has become a bit bumpy as around seven out of ten motorists believe the UK’s roads are in bad state of repair. Saga motorists have many years of motoring...Read more

2.4 million grandparents raid pension to help grandkids

2.4 million grandparents raid pension to help grandkids A quarter of grandparents who have helped out grandchildren financially took the money from their pension The average grandparent has already given away £1,633, and plans to give away £2,938 more in future House deposits, university fees and cars are common reasons to gift Forget the Lamborghini, 2.4 million UK grandparents1 have either raided their pension to support their grandchildren, or plan to in the future. According to new research from retirement...Read more

There’s a generation gap on our roads

There’s a generation gap on our roads - How young, middle-aged and older motorists view each other Are young drivers fast, impatient and dangerous? Are older drivers slow, nervous and cautious? They might sound like stereotypes but that’s how they are described by other age groups in new research into the attitudes of different generations of motorists by car insurance specialist, Admiral MultiCar. The survey of 2,000 people asked motorists of different age groups – young drivers aged 17-25, middle...Read more

Airport parking plus why not add access to the airport lounge?

2015-11-17 13:01:21

Hello, If you're booking your holiday and want to arrange the parking, please follow the suitcase links below to take you to what we feel are some of the best offers available. In fact if you manage to secure a great rate on the parking why not treat yourself to the luxury of an airport lounge? Holiday Extras (below) even offer a price guarantee on the airport lounge (T's &C's apply) Bon Voyage

60 is the new 50-70 the new 60-old age has a new definition

60 is the new 50-old age has a new definition In a snap poll of our office, we concur with a recent report produced by the Trajectory Partnership on the actual age we feel ‘old age’begins. A survey of 2000 Brits concludes that 68 is when we leave ‘middle age’ In the Mirror article they cite the American psychologist Walter B Pitkin famously coined the phrase “Life Begins at 40”, arguing the machine age had liberated workers from back-breaking labour....Read more