Seven out of ten over 50s say the roads are in a bad state

Motorists’ misery with poorly maintained roads

• Seven out of ten over 50s say the roads are in a bad state
• Around eight out of ten think road maintenance has got worse

A Saga Car Insurance poll of around 10,000 over 50s shows that motorists are finding that their journey has become a bit bumpy as around seven out of ten motorists believe the UK’s roads are in bad state of repair.

Saga motorists have many years of motoring experience and seven out of ten believe that roads have got noticeably worse over the years. In fact, only one in ten say roads have got better.

Most motorists understand that the snow, rain and heavy traffic can take a toll on road surfaces but not enough is being done to repair weather damage and too many are pitted with potholes. In fact almost eight out of ten think road maintenance has got worse.

The worst roads are said to be in Yorkshire and the North West, whereas motorists in Wales think their roads are good. According to the over 50s, here are the best and worst roads in Britain:

Potholes can be dangerous for car drivers, as well as motorbikers and the growing number of cyclists**. Around one in ten over 50s are keen cyclists and riding over holes in the road or trying to avoid them could cause accidents.

As well as being dangerous, hitting potholes in the road can also damage a car’s axle or suspension, which can be costly to repair. However, Saga Car Insurance customers are covered for this type of accidental damage.

Sue Green, Head of Car Insurance at Saga, commented: “Around nine out of ten over 50s drive regularly whether that’s to get to work, pick up their weekly shop or visit family and friends. It’s not surprising they have great insight about the state of the UK’s roads. People shouldn’t have to play Russian roulette with their suspension.”

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