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97% of us have made no plans for what will happen to our ‘digital legacy’ when we die

Life after death? 63% use social media and 77% buy online yet just 3% have made plans for their digital legacy There is no doubt about it, over the past ten years internet use has become part of our day to day lives. More than eight in ten of us use the internet daily; the most popular use is checking and sending emails but more than three quarters shop online, almost two thirds use social media sites and six in...Read more

BT launches free service to crack down on nuisance calls

2017-03-06 13:37:45

Top five worst nuisance callers named BT today announced a crackdown on nuisance calls and launched a new free service - the first of its kind in the UK - that enables its home phone customers to divert unwanted calls to a junk voicemail box. BT said it was “declaring war” on the companies that regularly pester its customers with nuisance calls on subjects such as PPI and personal accident claims. BT estimates that the BT Call Protect service could...Read more

The over 50s want to know the top ten travel hacks

2016-07-30 16:55:03

Top 10 travel hacks from the experts Where better to gain insider knowledge on some terrific travel hacks than from those who fly for a living? British Airways' cabin and flight crew have shared their go-to gadgets to help customers get the low-down on their down-loads ahead of the holiday season. Naturally, the one travel-must-have that they all recommend is the British Airways app – available to download for free on multiple devices - it is the highest rated airline...Read more

Claiming up to 100% of the cost of a delayed flight, or train travel

2016-02-25 21:49:35

Claiming up to 100% of the cost of a delayed flight, or train travel From an article published by our friends over at MonOc Many of us have experienced delays when we travel – anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours. But do we all realise that we can usually claim back the full cost of the ticket if we apply properly and the delay wasn’t down to ‘an act of God’ or something out of control...Read more

66% of over 50’s have no will

66% of over 50’S have no will Have you made a will, have your friends? According to a BBC article only three in 10 people in the UK have a will. Last year the Treasury gained £53m from people who died intestate - without a will. The year before it was £76m. And yet the fractured nature of modern families and an increasingly litigious society means making a will has never been so important. Illustrated in this article are a...Read more

Good news!

2015-12-22 20:52:49

Good news! Wouldn’t it be delightful to hear nothing but good news and inspiring stories once in a while? Nowadays with the constant onslaught of 24 hours news, everything seems to be ‘breaking news’ and the nature of news is it’s usually bad news! Interestingly in the New York Times John Tierney wrote an article entitled ' Good News Beats Bad on Social Networks' the article cites 'Now that information is being spread and monitored in different ways, researchers are...Read more

43% of over-65s only have basic digital skills

2015-11-16 12:52:45

43% of over-65s only have basic digital skills The Go ON UK digital skills charity has released a their 2015 Basic Digital Skills report. The Charity chaired by Martha Lane Fox published that 23% of people do not possess a basic digital skills level. The 2015 Basic Digital Skills report (in association with Lloyds Banking Group) cites that basic digital skills levels start to decline among people aged over 45, with those 65 years old or over having a basic...Read more

Carbon monoxide the silent killer

Be #autumnaware about carbon monoxide dangers With the weather changing and us all beginning to think about turning up the thermostat, lighting the fire or switching on the heating, it’s a good time to be #autumnaware by making sure your home is protected against Carbon Monoxide (CO). Commonly referred to as the ‘silent killer’, carbon monoxide cannot be smelt, seen or tasted and at this time of year it’s common to see a rise in the number of CO poisoning...Read more