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97% of us have made no plans for what will happen to our ‘digital legacy’ when we die

Life after death? 63% use social media and 77% buy online yet just 3% have made plans for their digital legacy There is no doubt about it, over the past ten years internet use has become part of our day to day lives. More than eight in ten of us use the internet daily; the most popular use is checking and sending emails but more than three quarters shop online, almost two thirds use social media sites and six in...Read more

43% of over-65s only have basic digital skills

2015-11-16 12:52:45

43% of over-65s only have basic digital skills The Go ON UK digital skills charity has released a their 2015 Basic Digital Skills report. The Charity chaired by Martha Lane Fox published that 23% of people do not possess a basic digital skills level. The 2015 Basic Digital Skills report (in association with Lloyds Banking Group) cites that basic digital skills levels start to decline among people aged over 45, with those 65 years old or over having a basic...Read more