60 is the new 50-70 the new 60-old age has a new definition

60 is the new 50-old age has a new definition

In a snap poll of our office, we concur with a recent report produced by the Trajectory Partnership on the actual age we feel ‘old age’begins.

A survey of 2000 Brits concludes that 68 is when we leave ‘middle age’
In the Mirror article they cite the American psychologist Walter B Pitkin famously coined the phrase “Life Begins at 40”, arguing the machine age had liberated workers from back-breaking labour.

He said a broader range of leisure opportunities meant people could look forward to a bright future with a life expectancy of up to 55 to 60.

At which age does ‘old age’start

Cigna Insurance Services graphic
Cigna Insurance Services graphic

But over the eight decades since the life expectancy of up to 60 has extended two decades to 81. Yagana Shah from the Huffington post wrote on the subject. Indeed, other surveys have shown that life really does begin after 50. One 2014 survey of Britons found 58 was the age when people said they were most content with their lives. Andanother recent survey found that happiness starts rising around age 60 until 85.

Full article from the Huffington Post

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