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60 is the new 50-70 the new 60-old age has a new definition

60 is the new 50-old age has a new definition In a snap poll of our office, we concur with a recent report produced by the Trajectory Partnership on the actual age we feel ‘old age’begins. A survey of 2000 Brits concludes that 68 is when we leave ‘middle age’ In the Mirror article they cite the American psychologist Walter B Pitkin famously coined the phrase “Life Begins at 40”, arguing the machine age had liberated workers from back-breaking labour....Read more

UK Funeral costs rise as rapidly as house prices

Royal London study finds the cost of a UK funeral has risen by 3.9% in the past year The average ‘basic’ funeral now costs £3,702 - a rise of £140 in one year More than one in ten people struggle with funeral expenses – the average debt: £1,318 New research by Royal London – the UK’s largest mutual life, pension and investment company – reveals the cost of an average, basic funeral in the UK has increased by 3.9%. This...Read more