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Scribbles The-Boomers # 6

2018-03-12 19:27:43

In tribute to Sir Ken Dodd I haven't spoken to my mother-in-law for eighteen months-I don't like to interrupt her. I had an idyllic childhood and when my parents bought me a Punch and Judy Show and a ventriloquist's dummy, I'd perform anywhere, anytime. My parents were wonderful when I told them I wanted to be an entertainer. Laughter is the greatest music in the world and audiences come to my shows to escape the cares of life. They don't...Read more

Scribbles The-Boomers

2016-11-13 22:01:37

Click on the link below to read The Spectator on 'The secret brilliance of Prince Philips gaffes'  

Cheap flights? yes please!

2016-09-07 17:10:03

The-Boomers are an affiliate partner one of Britain's fastest growing companies Skyscanner their aim is to bring you flight choices across the board at the keenest prices. 'Skyscanner is unbiased and free, which means the more than 50 million people who use us every month can trust our comprehensive range of flight, hotel and care hire options. Our secret is in our self-built technology that connects people directly to everything the travel industry has to offer. And connects the industry...Read more

The best over 50s dating sites

2016-02-20 16:04:09

There are many reason’s you may be contemplating dating again, nowadays there seems to vast choice of dating services and websites aimed at finding you that perfect partner. With new players entering the market every month the first step is to select the site(s) we feel most comfortable with. Saga reports ‘You're not alone in your singleness. Some six million single people signed up for a form of dating service this past year in the UK. That figure nearly doubled...Read more

‘If you can remember anything about the sixties, you weren’t really there’

2015-11-07 17:56:36

We all the old adage ‘If you can remember anything about the sixties, you weren't really there’ From the author and musician Paul Kantner, Ann Brenoff Senior Columnist, The Huffington Post penned this interesting article '28 Signs Someone Lived Through The '60s' The decade shaped their lives and continues to influence them even today. 1. They still remember the words to "I Want To Hold Your Hand." The fab four, as the Beatles were known, took the world by storm....Read more

Elvis tops the charts, nearly 40 years after his death in what would have been his 80th year

If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Elvis tops the charts, nearly 40 years after his death An exciting revisit of Elvis' work, If I Can Dream focuses on the iconic artist's unmistakable voice, emphasizing the pure power of The King of Rock and Roll. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with acclaimed producers Don Reedman and Nick Patrick, the 14-track album features Elvis' most dramatic original performances augmented with lush new arrangements by The...Read more