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Over 50s makeup tips from Look Fabulous Forever

2017-05-29 12:15:40

Here at The-Boomers we absolutely adore Look Fabulous Forever (LFF). Founded by Tricua Cusden, LFF is the ‘go to’ website for makeup products and tutorials formulated to suit more mature faces, eyes and lips. Tricua is an inspirational figure, regularly featuring in the press featuring articles on entrepreneurship and business start-ups. 'At 65, she finally had the time to turn a long-held dream into a thriving business. “I adore make-up,” says the grandmother of four'. With so many of the...Read more

Grey is here to stay: 92% of women wouldn’t reverse their grey hair

2016-03-23 20:07:49

92% of women wouldn't reverse their grey hair even if they could. If you could reverse the ageing process, would you? In a survey conducted by haircare brand White Hot, 92% of respondents with white and grey hair said they would never consider giving up their naturally grey hair to go back to their original colour. The haircare brand, formulated especially for the needs of white and grey hair, undertook the survey after University College London announced it had discovered...Read more

The Queen reigns in over 50s style icon poll

2016-01-01 21:10:14

In a recent YouGov poll woman over 50 years old voted for ‘the most stylish woman over 50’Her Majesty the Queen has been voted the most stylish woman over 50 - by women over 50. Polling 49% of the votes Her Majesty was the clear winner, runner up was Dame Helen Mirren with Meryl Streep voted third. Ed Watson, spokesman for JD Williams (who commissioned the survey), said: "Our customers admire and relate to the real 50-plus women; the Queen...Read more