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Craft holidays for the over 50s

Craft holidays for the over 50s Are you contemplating a trip where you can not only relax but hone your talents towards your favourite arts & crafts? A craft holiday is a terrific way to meet new friends and perhaps turn your hand to new skills, whether a novice or experienced in your chosen craft there are plenty of options open to you. Home or overseas, duration of stay, individual craft or taster courses? Here are a few to consider....Read more

Skiing trips for the over 50s

Ski holidays are great fun. We love the mountain air the stunning scenery and the fact is you burn off so many calories you can eat what you like with impunity? Skiing always seems to be more enjoyable when you’re in a group however putting 10 or 12 friends together, all agreeing (or even enjoying skiing) to holiday at a pre determined destination is quite a task, well here’s the perfect solution a ski club for us over 50s. The...Read more